Internship & Job Placements

The College of Sports Media has Internship Agreements with all of the major sports and media players in the country.

The Affliates of The College of Sports Media:


Career Preparation

The College of Sports Media exceeds the curriculum expectations of any post-secondary broadcasting program in the country! Helping you prepare for the professional work place is a key element of your education and training. Our career preparation is unparalleled and not offered anywhere else.

Students will receive one on-one-assistance with both department heads in making a professional resume upon graduation.

Students will receive one-on-one assistance with both department heads in making a professional quality demo-tape upon graduation.

Students will be linked with potential employers to assist in their initial job search.

These are three crucial tools you will need to utilize in your transition from the academic to the working world and the College of Sports Media takes pride in ensuring you are prepared to enter the professional arena.

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